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Đầu báo nhiệt cố định DFE-60E Hochiki


 Đầu báo nhiệt cố định DFE-60E

 Phát tín hiệu báo động khi có sự thay đổi nhiệt độ

 Nhiệt độ làm việc 600

Nguồn DC 24V

 Hoạt động cho phép: DC 15V – 30V

 Chuyển đổi tối đa: 300mA

Thông tin chi tiết

Features 1. The DFE series of features a slim design which combines visual appeal with a high standard of reliability 2. The operating characteristics of all models are a key feature of the product enabling a very cost effective solution for the use of heat detectors. This is further enhanced by the insignificant supervisory current, which enables an unlimited number of detectors to be connected on the same detection wires. 3. With connection to the standard Hochiki range of conventional and addressable bases, the DFE heat detector can be connected or disconnected very easily, allowing simple interchangeability with other types of the Hochiki conventional detection range. Applications The wide operating margin of the DFE fixed temperature heat detector ensures that reliable detection will occur in situations where a fire is characterized by a slow or fast increase in temperature. The DFE range of heat detectors have the widest possible applicability to different types of installations and have been designed to sense heat in a vertical or horizontal position. Consideration should be given to the maximum normal operating temperature before deciding the most appropriate DFE detector for the application. Note : The centre of the metal disk must not be depressed or permanent damage will occur. Specifications Rated Voltage: DC 24V Working Voltage Range: DC 15V - 30V Maximum Switching Current: 300mA Max. Heat Sensing Element Bi-metallic Element Alarming Fixed Temperature (Typical): 54°C~60°C/ 84°C~90°C Storage Temperature Range: -30°C~+50°C/-30°C~+80°C Allowable Ambient Humidity (at 40 C) 95% RH Non-Condensing Dimensions: ø 100mm X 42mm Weight Approximately: 55g Color Off White Applicable Standard: EN-54-Pt5 UL-521 En-54-Pt8 UL-521 Response Grade Grade 2 Ordinary Range 1 Intermediate

Công ty PCCC Kiên Long, xin giới thiệu: Đầu dò khói 1412 Hochiki

Keyword: Dau bao nhiet co dinh DFE-60E Hochiki



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