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Trung tâm báo cháy 8 kênh GST104A

Mã sản phẩm : 709
Giá : Call


Trung tâm báo cháy 8 kênh GST104A



Xuất xứ: China

Đặc điểm nổi bật: 
GST1 04ATrung tâm báo cháy 8 kênh GST104ATrung tâm báo cháy GST104A
Tủ trung tâm báo cháy GST104Atủ báo cháy tự động GST104AThiết bị báo cháy GST104A
Mô tả kỹ thuật
1.1 Features trung tam bao chay 8 kenh GST104A:
- 2 to 16 zones can be detected, compatible with conventional detectors and manual call points. Each of the 16 detection zones can be individually configured as maximum 15 conventional detectors. The total number of detectors and manual call points in a zone shall not exceed 32. 4 sounder outputs, 1 alarm output and 1 fault output.
- Able to report short circuit and open circuit of detection zones, sounder outputs and alarm
- output.
- Designed with standby batteries and space provision for two sealed lead-acid batteries.
- Test and disable functions.
- Day/night mode settable.
- Programmable on manual call point connection, sound modes, sounder delay modes and
- output delay modes.
- Three access levels settable via a key switch and an internal switch.
- Reserved repeater panel interface for fire alarm indication of multiple zones.
- Providing external ports includes RESET, SILENCE, EVAC and forced Night Mode.
1.2 Technical Specifications trung tam bao chay 8 kenh GST104A:
- 1.2.1 Operating Voltage:
- Input Voltage: 220V/230VAC+10%-15%
- Frequency: 50/60Hz
- Input Current: 0.35 A
- Fuse: 2A delayed
- Recommended Wiring: 1.5mm2 or above shield cable, complying with local installation codes.
- 1.2.2 Batteries:
- Minimum Operating Voltage: 21.5V
- Maximum charging Current: 315mA
- Maximum charging Voltage: 27.6V
- Battery Type: Sealed lead-acid battery
- Maximum Battery charging Capacity: 2 batteries, 7Ah/12V.
- Recommended Battery Manufacturer and Model: Yuasa NP7-12
- Maximum internal resistance of the batteries: 1Ω
- Standby current of batteries when fully load: 0.1A
- Maximum operating current of the batteries: 2.5A
- Recommended Wiring (subject to local installation codes):
- GST fire cable
- Vencroft Gold and Platignum
- Nexans NX 200 and 200 Plus (LPCB tested)
- Prysmian FP 200 and 200 Gold
- Draka Firetuf and Firetuf Plus
- And all LPCB approved fire cables.
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